Christmas Light Installation Pros of Carmel, IN

If you are looking for a great city to visit around the holidays Carmel, Indiana is the place to go. An average sized city about half an hour or 27 miles north of Indianapolis, Indiana, according to Google maps. There are a lot of smaller cities surrounding Indianapolis, and this is one of the larger ones, having three zip codes: 46032, 46033, and 46082. The population of the town is 85,927 per the United States Census. There are several great tourist attractions to visit while you are in Carmel including Monon Trail, the Center for Performing Arts, and Monon Waterpark. The Monon Trail is a great hiking, jogging, running, or leisure trail made from the old Monon Railroad, which has been paved over. The Center for Performing Arts is a large auditorium to see a great musical show. It is comparable to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee. The Monon Waterpark is a family friendly water park with a lazy river and rock climbing wall. While these are all great reasons to visit Carmel, Indiana the best time to visit is during the holiday season. One of the biggest celebrations of Christmas lights around is Christmas on Victory event. This is where several homes in several neighborhoods all decorate their homes over the top. Of course it wouldn’t be over the top if it wasn’t synced with music, so you know you can hear Christmas and other holiday songs playing throughout the city. Victory is the name of the street where this festival started. Since so many houses in a row are involved it takes several weeks to get everything set up. Homeowners go bigger, brighter, and better every year. Locals are known to start driving by in the evenings weeks ahead of time to see if they can get a sneak peek of what the show will be like. The Christmas on Victory even has it’s own facebook page where fans can check out events that will be held in the neighborhood. They use this event as way to have a fundraiser to raise money for the Make-A-Wish foundation. In 2014 the raised $5,602.86 according to their facebook fan page. The first house on the block has the donation box. If wanting to visit the Christmas on Victory it is best to get their early. So many people show up to see the event, that traffic can be heavy.

We Want To Help Carmel Residents Celebrate Christmas This Season!

Another great event to attend is the Holiday Lighting Ceremony on the Lawn of City Hall. Many of the buildings around city hall are decorated with lights as well as city hall, where you can come hang out on the lawn in front of the building and see all the lights being lit at the same time. While some of the residents decorate their homes themselves, there are also many Christmas light installer companies that will come and install your lights for you. It is best to make reservations with them ahead of time, because they can get quite busy around the holidays with the town being so large. In conclusion, Carmel, Indiana is a great city to visit anytime of the year, but during the holidays you will be able to attend many tourist events. With as many events as Carmel has going on it will seem like the whole city is lit up.”