Christmas Lights Installation Services in Speedway, Indiana

Home of Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Indy 500 and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum, Speedway, Indiana is a lot like any city in America, but it has a very interesting history and features that make it a very unique town. It actually started out back in 1912 as a planned residential area and just recently, in 2012 had it’s 100th year celebration. The vision and purpose of of the town was to be a town without horses. A motor driven vehicle town only. A town that would be the leaning towards the future of travel by other means. A place where company’s would invest in the budding car industry and build factories there, like the Allison Motor company did. It’s founder, James Allison was responsible for Speedway being what it is today, even though he sold the Speedway before dying in 1929. There’s more to the 46224 zip code then just the race track. Lots more. Lots of businesses for shopping, enjoying a night out on the town, playing golf at the Brickyard Crossing Golf course which is right next door to the world famous race track or taking your family to see a race. With Christmas right around the corner, (again!) and to help attract more and more people to the local scene, businesses have been hiring help to install Christmas lights. It has made Speedway a destination and not just for the race.

We Can Light Up Your Speedway Home or Business!

People come from all over to take in the lights and enjoy them with their families. Not only businesses, but also home owners have gotten into the act as well. Hiring local companies that specialize in hanging Christmas lights. It is such a relief when they find out that they can hiring a company to deal with the Christmas light decorating rather than having to risk life and limb while on a ladder or having to figure out how much power can one circuit in the house support. Not only is there no hassle and time required by the home owner, but these people are professionals! They do this for a living and can put up light displays that you couldn’t even imagine in your wildest dreams. Talk about eye catching, jaw dropping and being the envy of the neighborhood. Speedway is a great town that is unique. Stop by the Speedway Hall of Fame and see racing history. With some really amazing cars on display. There’s actually a car that was built that was said to have 12,000 horse power, but it never was able to drive. Sadly the creator of the car could not afford to the the proper heavy duty gears made in order for the car to accommodate the amazing amount of torque that would be produce by such an amazing car. The car is still there for show, without the motors. So when you come to Speedway, be sure to enjoy all that it has to offer and around Christmas time there are gorgeous lights to take in as well.