Pro Christmas Light Installers of Westfield, Indiana

“With a population of 30,068 people, according to the 2010 United States Census, you wouldn’t think that the town of Westfield, Indiana would have any attractions for people to visit. All jokes aside, they are home to The Westfield-Washington Historical Society and Museum, which displays many different exhibits from history. This includes how they were part of the Underground Railroad before and during the Civil War. The museum also features displays of the Quakers, who founded the town in 1834. While those places are great attractions to visit, the best time to visit Westfield is around the holiday season. The small community with only one zip code to their town(46074) is lit up from one end of town to the other. They typically have more than 60,000 lights, which is twice the number of the population. The community has grown together over the years making their Christmas light displays bigger, brighter, and better each year. Many of the neighborhoods sync their lighting to music that can be heard through the whole town. One family, the Loreks even has an annual free event, accepting donations for the Make A Wish foundation. The Make A Wish foundation donates the money between several charities including the American Cancer Society and Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Tom the husband and co-creator of this event makes most of the lighting displays himself for a fraction of the cost that a company would charge him. Tom and his son spend several weeks setting up, and getting ready for their displays and event. The light show goes on every night from the day after Thanksgiving, until the day before New Year’s Eve, and they accept donations every day.

While most people make and design their own light displays in the town, it is possible to have Christmas light installers come in and install your lights for you. There aren’t any Christmas light installers located in Westfield, but the town is only 28 miles or about half an hour drive time outside of Indianapolis, Indiana accordingly to Google Maps. Most Christmas Light installers from Indianapolis would gladly drive to your business or home to install lights, and displays for you, for a small fee.

Another great attraction in Westfield that also celebrates the holiday season big is the Hamilton Town Center. They have an annual festival with many different exhibits for families to come out and see. The live entertainment is know to have vendors, human snow globe, music, food, activities, and giveaways. You can enjoy refreshments such as hot chocolate for the children or stop by the beer garden if you are of age. They also have carriage rides at the event, and do their own tree lighting. Make sure you are on your best behavior though, because Santa Claus will be stopping by to see whose being naughty or nice. For the members of faith visiting the town during the holidays, there are several denominations of churches in the town and in the towns around Westfield.

In conclusion, while the town of Westfield, Indiana may be a smaller town to others in the US, that doesn’t stop it from having many big attractions to visit. They also celebrate the holidays as large as, if not larger than other towns that are twice the size. Their museum features many historical attractions for our country. They are one of the few towns where the whole city gets together around the holidays. While most people in the town build their own displays, there are also may companies that would gladly come out and decorate for you.”