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Phoenix, AZ

When home owners start to think of Christmas time, one very important part is usually on their minds first. Christmas decorations! While many people choose to decorate their houses on their own, some people choose the extra fancy route and want assistance with their decoration needs. That is where Christmas Light Installation Services come in. In the Phoenix, AR area there are actually a number of very respectable dealers that offer their decorating services. Unfortunately not every dealer is available in every area. There are many zip codes in the Phoenix region. When I say many, I mean…85003, 85004, 85006, 85007, 85008, 85009, 85012, 85013, 85014, 85015, 85017, 85019, 85020, 85021, 85022, 85023, 85024, 85027, 85029, 85032, 85034, 85035, 85040, 85041, 85042, 85043, 85045, 85048, 85050, 85051, 85053, 85054, 85083, 85251, 85254, 85255, 85282. There are a few though, that will go out to the middle of the desert to make your Christmas lights dream come true. Yes I know, most of Phoenix is a desert but you know what I mean.

Speaking of deserts though, that does not have a very Christmas like feel to it so many of these installers would be glad to add some fake snow to your setup as well. Just don’t expect to build a snowman out of it. These companies tend to be very professional about their work. They will make absolutely sure you are completely satisfied and will work with you very closely to come up with a design that you will love. After the holidays, you choose when you want it to come down. There are even options to purchase or lease the lights that you use so you can try to recreate the master piece next year.
Outdoor isn’t the only specialty either. These companies handle indoor, outdoor, commercial, residential. Basically any type of property you can think of, they can probably decorate it. Make your Christmas decorating dreams a reality. Find your installer today!

East Valley Areas

Chandler, AZ

Gilbert, AZ

Mesa, AZ

Tempe, AZ

Scottsdale, AZ


Paradise Valley, AZ

“”Paradise Valley, Arizona is as spectacular as its name promises! This quiet and quaint town of less than 6,000 households just north of Scottsdale, Arizona boasts an average of 294 sunny days each year! Paradise Valley is conveniently situated within close proximity to the Scottsdale-Phoenix metropolitan area. Whether your passion is the great outdoors, the arts or museums, you are only a short drive away.
Must see attractions in Paradise Valley include the Goldwater Memorial. This is the first major art statue commissioned to celebrate the longtime resident of Paradise Valley, Senator Barry Goldwater. His current hilltop retirement home is Ne-Nun-I-Kin in Paradise Valley.
Paradise Valley is also a golfer’s dream! With award winning golf courses, these golf courses are a sure hole in one for you!
Paradise Valley has only one zip code, 85253, but within that one zip code, there are world class resorts and spas that are second to none! Sanctuary Camelback Mountain, Camelback Inn, Montelucia Resort and Spa and Smoketree Resort offer luxurious accommodations for all seasons with special winter/holiday packages.
Are you interested in moving to Paradise Valley? There are several neighborhoods in this picturesque town. Tatum and Shea as well as Camelback Country Club Estates have beautiful residential homes with beautiful views like none other. Clearview Hills, Town Center, and Cinco Soles are among the most luxurious neighborhoods in Paradise Valley.
Moving to Paradise Valley is a great choice if you love the sun, warm days and enjoy spectacular sunsets. The holidays can be chilly, but there is a zero percent chance of snowfall in Paradise Valley! The residents can put up temporary lighting between November 15th but they must come down by January 15th. However, if you are looking for the perfect holiday location where artificial holiday lights are welcome but nature creates a more spectacular display, Paradise Valley is the perfect place for you!””

Fountain Hills, AZ

“”Fountain Hills is a small town in Maricopa County, about 45 minutes from Tucson. The city is most famous for the eponymous water fountain, the fourth largest in the world. Built in 1970 by Robert McCulloch, the fountain sprays 7,000 gallons a minute for 15 minutes every hour on the hour. The water is even dyed green for St. Patricks Day. However, the city also boasts a few other attractions, mainly festivals. There are three held annually, a local arts fair, the Fountain Hills Great Fair, and the Thunderbird Artists’ Fountain Hills Art and Wine Affaire. Fountain Hills Theatre is also an award winning theatre in its own right, offering 16 productions a year and year round art education for local youth. There is also plenty of open space nearby for hiking, riding ATVs, and other off-roading opportunities.
There are several washes running through town, some of which block roads when it rains enough. These run to the Verde River, a tributary to the Salt River. However, the town is classified as having a dry desert climate, so this doesn’t occur too often. However, because of that climate the town receives plenty of sunshine throughout the year. It has its own school district, with two elementary schools, and one middle and high school serving the town’s population.
The town has only one major neighborhood, as it is a small town of only 22,000 people. It comprises zip codes 85268 and 85269. It is easy to find a company to hang Christmas lights for you there, as many companies operate out of nearby towns like Mesa. However, the 2010 survey listed it as the 8th fastest growing town in Arizona, so this is bound to increase as demand rises. After all, a growing population has little time to hang their own Christmas lights!””

Ahwatukee (South Phoenix, AZ)

“”Nestled between Chandler, Guadalupe, and Tempe you can find the picturesque Ahwatukee, Arizona. This urban village is considered part of Phoenix, but its isolation makes it unique among the other urban villages of Phoenix. Hiking and biking are plentiful in Ahwatukee because of its proximity to South Mountain State Park and the Ahwatukee Foothills. Ahwatukee’s zip codes are 85044, 85045, and 85048. The climate in the area is typical of the southwest, which means warm and dry.
You might not be able to expect a White ChristmasÂ in Ahwatukee, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy holiday decorations. Homes and business owners have several options nearby for getting Christmas lights installed. Leaving Christmas light installation to the professionals ensures that the setup is safe, high quality, and often warrantied. The closest businesses are We Hang Christmas Lights, and Holiday Helpers, both located on the south side of town. Other options include Dos Damas Designs in Chandler, or the Holiday Lighting Company in Phoenix. Prices range depending on the size of the setup needed and the complexity of the display. Residential installation generally runs between $400 and $5000 dollars, though, several factors could lead to a price increase. The best bet is always to shop around and get quotes based on your needs. When planning your Christmas light budget don’t forget that those lights will need picked up at the end of the season, which may add an extra cost. In spite of numerous options, it is best not to delay scheduling your installation. Scheduling early will ensure that you get the installer that you want, and might even mean a discount in some cases. Be sure to also consider the type of lights you want. Colored lights, white lights, LED, and, flashing lights are just a few of your many options when it comes to Christmas decorations. Ask your installer what options they offer and if they warranty their work. You don’t want to get caught on December 24th looking for a broken bulb.
Ahwatukee’s Christmas light installation options provide the opportunity for a high quality, safe installation. You get to be the envy of the neighborhood without the hassle and space required to store, install, and maintain your own lights ever year.””

Sun Lakes, AZ

Sun Lakes, Arizona  is located in Maricopa county, it is not far from Chandler, Tempe and Phoenix.  It is an adult community consisting of five adult country clubs. Situated just minutes from the Chandler Fashion Mall, Sun Lakes has it all — high end shopping, along with many other amenities, including golf courses, restaurants, cafes, boutiques, tennis courts & health clubs.  There are many stocked fishing lakes as well. People can enjoy the  nearby casinos and the Firebird International Speedway.  Nobody would want to miss the old west town of Rawhide which was built in the 1880’s.  The Sun Lakes area is also home to the Arizona Railway Museum; in addition, there are many health and fitness businesses — teaching yoga and other stress reducing classes.  This area is a haven for retirees — it is the perfect place to relax.  There are more mountains in Arizona than in any other of the mountain states, including Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.  It is a perfect place for hiking and bicycling, among other outdoor activities. The climate is most temperate — humidity is quite low.  If you think the people of Sun Lakes are too busy enjoying their lives to think much about Christmas (after all, it is warm all year long there)  you would be mistaken. Christmas Lighting can be handled by WE HANG CHRISTMAS LIGHTS, located in nearby Chandler, Arizona.  They take the headache and work out of decorating for Christmas.  They can be reached by dialing 480-389-6404.  Check out their web page to see all the wonderful types of Christmas lighting available through this company.  While Sun Lakes is spread out over a fairly wide area, there is but one zip code you want to remember : 85248.  This is THE zip code to have if you want to live your retirement in the lap of luxury at a price you can afford.  Come to Sun Lakes and see just how terrific retirement in Arizona can be for you.