Christmas Light Hanging Services in Mesa, AZ

Who doesn’t like Christmas lights? The young tot in all of us gets riled up at the sight of those vibrant blue, red, yellow, and green lights right around the time Jingle Bells starts running on loop inside our brains. They inspire the smell of hot cocoa and thought of a crackling fire. I have to say, though, the hot and dry desert of Maricopa, AZ is probably the last place you’d ever expect to see amazing Christmas lights! A beautiful red mesa during the day, the desert’s temperature plummet to freezing at night. Those freezing temperatures must bring out the Christmas spirit in Maricopa’s residents because their Christmas light displays are spectacular!
Armed with staple guns and holiday wreaths, these holiday warriors brave the hot sun to decorate in true elf fashion. Light up reindeer, frosty the snowmen, and even the big guy in red himself grace many a roof during the Christmas season. Some of Maricopa’s most dedicated and creative light lovers have even won awards. Every season, Maricopa awards Best on Parade, Most Creative, Best Theme, Best Light Show, Best Use of Color, Residents Choice, and Hall of Fame to those most deserving.

Mesa Residents Love Their Christmas Lights!

Not everybody plays fair, though! A simple google search reveals that there are dozens of companies whose service is expressly dedicated to the hanging of the perfect Christmas light. Upon further investigation, these companies can charge thousands of dollars for displays ranging from the simple Icicles off the Roof motif to elaborate, computer controlled light shows reminiscent of an 80’s hair band. It’s no wonder folks make their living off of this competition, as it is a fierce one! Last year hundreds of homes displayed, no doubt, millions of lights with only 6 lucky families receiving awards and commendations from Maricopa. Throughout all of this competition, it is easy to forget that elusive a true meaning of the season, a but as any youngster can tell you, one only need to look at the lights for a reminder.

Maricopa Zip Codes: 85201, 85202, 85203, 85204, 85205, 85206, 85207, 85208, 85209, 85210, 85211, 85212, 85213, 85214, 85215, 85216, 85274, 85275, and 85277.